Unclaimed Money Scam

One of the oldest scams in the book is the receiving of unsolicited Emails telling you about how to find free or unclaimed money on the internet.

How it Works

Often times unclaimed money email scam will starts off something like this: “There are over 500 billion dollars in unclaimed money – and some of it belongs to you!” The company will claim to help you find unclaimed money absolutely free of charge. They will tell you that all you need to do is dial a particular 1-809 number.

Reality Check

The first thing that they don’t tell you is that they’re going to make money on that 1-809 phone number. They also never tell you that the refined search results they send you only includes your last name and first initial of your first name. This could very well not be you. In order to find out if the person really is you they require you to pay a membership fee before they search any further.

The good news about searching for unclaimed money is that you can do the research yourself absolutely free through state-sanctioned unclaimed funds registries. You’ll be able to see if there really is any unclaimed money or property owed to you. The truth is however, that most folks do not have any unclaimed money owed to them.