Vacation Scams

Vacation Scams

If you ever receive a phone call or offer by mail for a free vacation – beware. There’s a good chance your dream vacation may turn into a total nightmare.

How it Works

With some travel scams, the consumer is sent a postcard saying that they have won a free vacation. With other scams the “vacation” is one of several prizes in a sweepstakes. In most cases, the consumer is required to call a number for more details or to “claim” the prize.

The consumer is told that he/she will receive a package in the mail detailing the vacation offer. The operator then asks for their credit card number, telling them that there will be a small service charge made to the account if they end up accepting the vacation. The consumer is assured they will have a review period with ample time to decide if they ultimately want the package before the account is billed for the service charge. This promise almost always turns out to be false.

What happens next is that these companies are extremely slow in sending the vacation package materials and when they do finally arrive, the review period already has expired. The firm quickly bills the consumer’s credit card for hundreds of dollars for its “service fee.”

Watch out for this scam, and don’t be fooled!