Warning: ‘Love Stone’ Can Cause Poisoning, Death

An illegal aphrodisiac known as a “love stone” recently made headlines when it was linked to cause serious poisoning and even death. The New York City Health Department recently warned citizens that buying and suing the stone is lethal.

The product is also known as Piedra, Jamaican Stone, Love Stone, Black Stone or Chinese Rock and was responsible for the death of a man in 2008 who ingested the substance. The product is typically sold in adult stores and is a hard dark brown substance that measures about an inch in size. The active, lethal ingredients include several chemicals known as bufadienolides. Bufadienolides are derived from toad venom and certain trees and are lethal because they disrupt the rhythm of the heart.

The New York City Health Department has advised people who may have purchased the item to:

• Immediately stop using them.

• Wrap and discard them as garbage (do not flush down the toilet).

• If the substance has been ingested call the Poison Control Center at (212) POISONS.