Wholesale Directories Scams

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a wholesale that’s being sold either through an online site or through other means, then we have one piece of advice for you: don’t! Wholesale lists usually sell for anywhere from a few dollars to $40, and are a complete and utter scam.

Ponder this: why on Earth would people give out closely-guarded and sought-after  information on wholesale products for just a few bucks? Truth be told most of those lists are compiled in a matter of minutes and have not been researched thoroughly. We’re not saying there aren’t wholesalers out there selling TVs, computers, electronics, etc but typically they make you buy in bulk is you really want to save some serious cash. That’s something these wholesale lists will never tell you. If you’re looking for great deals on electronics or jewelry then check out bargain websites that aggregate that information on a daily basis. A perfect example of one such website is slickdeals.net.