Work at Home Listings Scams

Work at Home Listings

Work at home listings have become extremely popular in recent years because they offer you the chance to get paid by working at home instead of an office. Unfortunately while this sounds great there are a lot of scams out there. These types of programs usually require an upfront fee with no actual employment in return. It’s been estimated that scammers make around $150 million dollars a year using this scam.

Don’t be a victim! Here are some of the more common work at home scams you may come across:

Envelope Stuffing
Assembly Work
Medical Billing
Home Typist
Name Compiler
Photography Job Scams
Graphics/Webdesign Job Scams
Mystery Shopping
Paid Surveys

There are many other types of scams out there so do some research before you actually decide to partake in one of these online offers or programs.